Notes 159th 1969
One of the crew chiefs that I served with in the 159th recently gave me copies of some old quarterly reports that we sent to the Aviation Consultant in the Office of the Surgeon General. As I read through them, I became more depressed that all of the history that we accumulated over the Vietnam years and sent to OTSG was disposed of by someone and has apparently been lost forever. I've told several of you that Tom Scofield and I looked for that history when we were first assigned to OTSG, but to no avail. In Chuck Mateer's day, I can remember 12-15 large filing cabinets filled with materiels like the report I have attached. I keep hoping it will turn up someday. I've sent along one of the quarterly reports to bring back memories of the days when most of us were back on our second tours. As bad as it was, reading through the reports makes me think we kept a fairly good perspective and sense of humor and didn't dwell on the bad things too much.


RE: 159th Medical Detachment (Hel Amb)
first quarter (January - March) of 1969