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45th MED CO

Notes relating to Glenn Williams

(Attached is his pic from 1957 when he was CO 49th MD(HA)
at K-16, Yongdong-po, Korea.)

Info provided by Bob McCreary, Korea DUSTOFFer and Mike Novosel


Re your note of earlier today -- pasted below:

"Bob -- Thanks for the Glen Williams info and photo -- I'd
like to add it to the site -- which I've really not done justice
-- also plan to one day get a reunion '03 page going with your
and others' pics -- don't know whether I mentioned -
Ernie Sylvester came by last week -- had a video of the reunion
ceremonies -- really sad/impressive -- Mike Novosel and son,
Mike, Jr stayed with us Friday nite enroute to a ceremony in
Leeds, AL -- a great reunion - headed out to the local "Montana
Saloon and Grill" and kicked back -- Mike looks so great - having
just become an octogenarian --

Si --"

Mike's comments re Glenn Williams in answering my inquiry of 8 March
might be worthwhile for the 45th link whenever you have the time to
get to it. Agree with your assessment of Mike's great & youthful looks for the miles he has traveled. Blue skies!


----- Original Message -----
From: Michael J. Novosel
To: Robert J. (Bob) McCreary
Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2003 6:43 PM
Subject: Re: Glenn M. Williams

Bob, I had the pleasure of knowing and serving with Glenn Williams
for about six months in Vietnam. He derosed and was replaced by
LTC Lail
When his chopper was shot
up on a mission (as Company CO he could have picked his missions)
I wrote him up for a DFC which sailed right thru. I was a CW2 at
the time and acting as the awards officeer for the 283rd - he was
very appreciative of my work for the company; especially my giving
instrument instruction whenever the opportunity presented itself -
I gave instruction to the 57th as well. To the best of my knowledge,
Glenn was given the task of creating the Provisional Company which
at the time was formed by the 57th and the 283rd. He did it right
and the organization eventually moved to Long Binh and became the
45th Co. The story I tell in my book about Glenn and me is totally
true - it gives one an insight into the way Glenn worked and thought.
You have to realize that I'm recounting matters that long ago
should have escaped my memory. It was a pleasure knowing Glenn.
I called him up and talked to him when he was quite ill - he
passed away a couple months later - he was a good man and a friend.

Mike Novosel

----- Original Message -----
From: Robert J. (Bob) McCreary
To: Novosel, Michael J.
Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2003 12:17 PM
Subject: Glenn M. Williams


Enjoyed chatting with you for the first time at Dustoff 2003.
Face-to-face is more personal that the few e-mails we have had.
So many were wanting your time I did not get to "ax" you about
Glenn Williams. You mentioned him a couple of times in your book.
Had served with Willie in Korea. You obviously served with him
in Vietnam. He commanded what was left of 1st Hcptr Amb and the
49th MD(HA) in late '56 and early '57. We had maintained our
friendship via regular mail until Vietnam heated up; and then we
lost all contact. Tried many times to locate him and was only
successful in finding him a week after he had passed away; and
then only through one of his daughters.
As a commander in Korea, he was a giant of a leader. Won't bore you
with the details. But have often thought he must have been as
effective in Nam as he certainly proved to have been in Korea.
When you can take the time, how about pounding out a line or two
about Willie's command in Nam. In my mind he was a special kind
of man - - always true to his men, totally committed to serving -
- God first, others and family second, self last. Insisted on
perfection even when anything less would have been sufficient.
His commitment to training probably saved many less determined
ones their lives.
I asked Si about him on the phone a few days ago, but he said he
had never served with Glenn. Just interested in an old and true
buddy -- when you have the time.
Blue skies!

Bob McCreary - Atlanta

45th MED CO

WO Dave Alderson 1/45th '69 --
pilot who flew "Baby Kathleen" -- died Spring '03 just prior
to participating in reenactment with "In The Shadow of The Blade"
http://www.intheshadowoftheblade.com/shadow.nsf/index.htm --

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